Top 10 Interview Tips


Everyone gets nervous in an interview. It’s normal! Especially since 90% of hires are based solely upon the interview according to a Harvard Business Review study. In fact, 63% of hiring decisions are made within the first 4.3 minutes of an interview (courtesy SHRM).

So, the interview is probably the most important part of the hiring process.  Do you know how to make sure you get the job of your dreams…..

Here are 10 very simple, but VERY important tips to build confidence before, and during your interview. You have likely heard these before, but there is a reason they show up on every advice column.  They work!

1. Company super sleuthing: Researching the company, its history, the hiring manager, the position… know the details, because they matter. Knowing the facts adds confidence. Find some details that show you did more than visit their website. Find some simple, yet compelling reasons as to why you want to work for the employer and what appeals to you about the role.

2. Know the role beyond the job listing: Job listings can often be misleading. Reaching out to the listed contact and asking some specific questions can really help you out. This will also give a chance to learn more about the construction process.

3. Soul searching: Employers are looking for a candidate who is self-aware. Top employers have shared that employees should know what they could bring to a company. Know your past achievements, your methods and skills you’ve developed along the way. Having this information in the forefront of your mind will add an additional layer of confidence.

4. Understand the chain of command: Sometimes you will interview with several different people. Sometimes all in the same day, other times, you may make a separate appointment. Know the process, and know the roles of each person. Never assume that they will speak to each other after they meet you. Sell yourself to each interviewer individually.

5. Practice makes Perfect: Test your responses to questions on friends or family. If you’re prepared, your answers are apt to be more confident, and you’ll gain points for being on your toes.

6.Build Rapport: If you’re just plain friendly and nice, you’re starting off on the right foot. People like when others are friendly.  Try to remember, that the interviewer does not want to see you fail, they want you to do your best. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be sitting in their chair.

7. Time is everything: Do not be late. Give yourself plenty of time, and get there early. A few minutes waiting before the interview may spur some creative ideas while collecting your thoughts.

8. Be yourself: Know who you are, and where you want to go. Just be you – “real” works.

9. Relax and Breathe: Keep in mind that this may not be the perfect job for you. If that’s the case, you’ll find the right one right behind it. Take the pressure off a little. If you don’t score the position, consider this interview “practice” for the next one.

10. Beginning to end: Remember that an interview starts at the very first point of contact. Every call, email or conversation is a chance to make an impression. Be smart, cordial and friendly. You are being assessed from many angles, make sure they always see your best side!

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