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When a hiring manger reviews your CV, they’re looking for answers to important questions. If you can answer those questions quickly, they’ll keep reading. By keeping these in mind while preparing your CV, you will help draw their attention to your “big picture” vision. This kind of attention could lead to an interview. Here’s what’s going through their heads:

We need a specific set of skills; does this person understand what we need?

Be sure to read the job description thoroughly. By threading their own ideas into your CV or cover letter, you speak their language. Never overlook the value of tweaking your CV to reflect the expressed needs of the company to truly highlight your fit.

Is this person capable of producing results?

Employers fear the idea of a bad hire. By answering this question with measurable results from your past positions, you’re quickly dissolving their concerns. A useful guide to craft this piece of your CV is: Problem. Action. Results. Offer a brief explanation of the problem, the actions you took and the results.

How committed is this person to their career?

This is a complicated topic – especially if you’ve held many types of jobs or changed employers frequently. Emphasize on the jobs that demonstrate the skills related to the job you’re applying for. Also, discuss how each position has contributed to your overall strategy to grow your career.

How responsible is this person?

Another tricky question for a person with many past employers. You may fall victim to assumptions. Here are some strategies that could help:

  • There is no rule that says you are required to list every job. You could drop short-term positions from your CV.
  • Create an aggregate title for a group of positions during a specified time period. Then list the companies
  • Consider listing positions held while in college. This would work if these jobs demonstrate your qualifications.
How will this person operate under pressure and tight deadlines?

This is an important question to many employers. Remember, claiming that you can do something isn’t as good as proving you can do it. Use examples of past situations that paint a picture of how cool, calm and collected you are.

Need a more direct approach to writing your CV?

Sometimes asking yourself the right questions helps to inspire your inner genius. We have a full list of questions that will help build your CV from the ground up. Click here to view a full list of questions.

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